Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wolves Within Few Fallen Men Of Our Country

Why do they rape? How do they rape? What they think when they rape? Who they think they are when they rape? What they think of the unfortunate soul they rape?

When a normal person tries to find answers to these questions they will find themselves boiling with anger,crying with grief,suffocate with helplessness and each and every erector pili muscle of their body in action.Most of us can't even dare to imagine the plight and magnitude of all these which a victim actually has to undergo.What has happened to mankind? Why some humans have undergone retrogressive metamorphosis to turn into wolves? Why has the moral values gone down the drain? All of these needs a deep analysis.Sometimes it is power,sometimes it is lust,sometimes it is alcohol,sometimes it is anger,sometimes revenge,but whatever be the reason this thing needs to stop.We are humans and we cannot coexist with wolves so its better not to turn into one and not let others turn too.

We are also somewhere and to some extent responsible for letting the already turned wolves blood soak our lives and the prime reason is the selfishness that has creeped into our thinking system.We do feel sorry for the victim,but that is all we do.Then we return back to ourselves with the illusion that it will never happen to our family.Do we care if the culprit got punished or not and if they got punished then was the punishment adequate? Has an example been set for future? No we rarely think about all of these,just because it has not happened to us.One person alone,that too a victim cannot simply stop this dirty crime,We all as a human society regardless we are victim or not need to stand together and announce we have zero tolerance for such wolves.We need a society where zero tolerance to rape prevails in all the sections and among all the sections of the society.Neither a rich or powerful person dares to touch a poor woman nor a drunk bus driver or cab driver dares to rape a woman returning from a movie or a party.You just cant rape a woman and get away with it.You will be hanged if you do it.

This thing has now existed for a long time and has not been taken seriously the way it should have been.Our government can make amendments to the constitution to facilitate quota in promotions inorder to create votebanks, but is least interested in arranging capital punishments for those bloody rapists who bring shame to our society.The police has been forced into polishing shoes of big people instead of protecting common people who need them more. This Delhi gang rape incident which has shaken the whole country may not be the last if we continue our state of denial.Today the country boils with anger and rightly so,but let us not let this anger die and eventually fade out with time so that we return to the same state of denial.I very much support capital punishment following a long prison term for these wolves of our society along with emasculation so that they can experience even a fraction of, if not less, the physical and psychological trauma which an innocent had to undergo because of them.Let us make this thing crystal clear to each and every section of our society that it will not be tolerated and there is no getting away.Recently I was very surprised and disappointed to hear a female parliamentarian say that capital punishment for rapists will drive them to kill their victims.She may well have her concerns for the fellow women's lives but is it not a too defensive approach to counter an extremely aggressive offence.Are you trying to give the victim a consolation prize in the form of her life?Don't you understand that each day till the end of her life that incident will haunt her and will keep draining the so called 'Life' from within her whereas that offender will be set free after a maximum of 7 years(which can be less too).Until and unless he knows what's coming for him nothing much will stop him from turning into a wolf.So what should we do? Let them turn into wolves occasionally in return that they will spare the lives of the victims which is never guaranteed,or let them know that if you do such a thing,we will show you hell on earth and later.Why should an unfortunate innocent soul undergo emotional and physical punishment which she never deserved,whereas the culprit wolf undergoes not even a fraction of what he actually deserves?You have to be a human to avail human rights,wolves have no place amongst us.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Congress fears BJP

The general election of November 1989 marked the end of an era. Never again has a political party won a majority on its own in the Lok Sabha. And not since 1989 has the political air been as putrid as it is today.

When Bofors struck in April 1987, there was no 24x7 news TV, no Internet and no social media. The press played a significant role in uncovering the scam. But Bofors was a relatively uncomplicated scam with half-a-dozen pivotal players and kickbacks - siphoned off through proxies in Europe - totalling Rs. 64 crore. Adjusted for inflation, that would be equivalent to around Rs. 950 crore today.

The 2G spectrum case is more complex - and more diabolical. Whatever the actual loss to the public exchequer, the manner in which the 2G spectrum scam was plotted right from May 2007 by a cabal of UPA ministers, civil servants and corporate executives, as the special CBI court has observed, shows how brazen our political, business and bureaucratic class has become in the two decades since Bofors.

But will the 2G spectrum trial - which, along with appeals in various higher courts, could easily stretch to beyond 2014 - undermine the Congress in the next Lok Sabha poll as dramatically as Bofors did in 1989 - decimating the party's parliamentary seat tally from 404 to 197? Public memory is short but not as short as politicians would like it to be. Despite taking ownership of a flurry of anti-corruption and pro-poor legislation over the next two years, the Congress will be punished electorally in 2014. The top leadership of the Congress knows this. The only question is: how severely?

The UPA government is up against an opponent - Anna Hazare - who has a track record of fighting corruption cutting across party lines. He has battled and defeated both Congress and BJP-Shiv Sena leaders in Maharashtra and, despite controversies dogging his team, continues to enjoy wide public support. The accusation that Anna is a mask for the BJP-RSS is so palpably false that UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi must herself be embarrassed to hear her general secretary, Digvijay Singh, spew such nonsense.

But if she were embarrassed, wouldn't she call off this particularly foolish line of attack on Anna? She could. The fact that she hasn't speaks volumes for how deeply the Congress fears the BJP electorally and the RSS ideologically - and how far it will go to demonise them.

The strategy used by the Congress to "partner" sections of the media in villifying Anna's campaign has already proved counter-productive. The newspapers, TV channels and senior editors who act as surrogate mouthpieces of the Congress have succeeded only in damaging their own reputations built over decades. That damage is irreparable.

For the UPA government, the loss of faith among voters will not lessen with the passage of time. The 16th Lok Sabha election, which will probably be held over five phases, must be completed before early-May 2014. Voting in the first phase will therefore begin in March 2014. By September 2013 the Election Commission's model code of conduct would kick in. That is just 22 months away - around the time several skeletons would have tumbled out of the UPA's closet during the course of the 2G spectrum trial.

In 2014, given the problems of coalition adharma it has faced over the past few years, the Congress could well choose to sit in the Opposition if it wins less than 160 seats. If it wins more than 180 seats and decides to form a minority government, such a government will be inherently unstable. In such an eventuality, Rahul Gandhi may opt to take his ailing mother's place as Congress president/UPA chairperson and let a new CEO-PM do the thankless job Manmohan Singh has now done for over seven years. Power without direct accountability is an acquired taste.

Sonia and Rahul's long-term problem is that the Congress' national voteshare has been stuck in a narrow range between 25% and 28% since the 1996 Lok Sabha poll. The Muslim vote contributes at least 10% (over a third) to this voteshare and hands the Congress more than a third of its Lok Sabha seats. The mainstream Hindu vote has deserted the Congress - only around 16% of the 83% majority (around one in five) now vote for it. Following Anna's movement, the erosion in majority support to the Congress is set to deepen. The Muslim vote, as a consequence, has become even more critical to the Congress's future electoral viability.

This is the background against which Digvijay Singh's anti-BJP/RSS tirade has to be seen. As the Gandhi family's unofficial ventriloquist, he is tasked with pandering to the most regressive symbolisms in the Muslim votebank - Batla House, Azamgarh, saffron terror, etc. This cynically exploits Muslim paranoia and heightens the community's siege mentality.

Instead of encouraging Muslims to join the mainstream, the Congress's strategy keeps Muslims on the margins of Indian society. It also makes them easy vote fodder. Obviously, this strategy will fail in the long run. Apart from alienating Hindu voters, Muslims too will - as education seeps through the community - see through the secular duplicity that keeps them imprisoned in their socio-economic ghettos in order to keep the Congress in power.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


From a single-stage, liquid-propelled, surface-to-surface Prithvi missile with a 150-km range, which was first launched in 1988, to a three-stage Agni-V that can take out targets 5,000 km away, it has been a “giant leap” for India in less than 25 years.India already has nuclear-capable missiles that can reach all of Pakistan and Agni V is clearly intended to provide a similar deterrent capability with respect to China.

Agni-V, with all its three stages powered by solid propellants, is a “game-changer” for India in its missile technology capability. Agni III and V are the first Indian missiles that can potentially be equipped with several warheads each (known as Multiple Independently Targeted Re-entry Vehicles or MIRV).Having acquired mature mastery in missile technology&demonstrated MIRV capability INDIA has put on notice those adversaries who might have looked down on our R&D&deployability.With our sincere "NO FIRST STRIKE"declared nuclear policy all SECURITY COUNCIL nations now are forced to not only take notice but respond openly and honestly when INDIA inspite of her non-NPT status questions the discriminatory policy of both CTBT&NSG.

Prithvi was the first of the missiles developed under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP), which was initiated in 1983 and wound up in 2007 after most of its objectives were met. However, the path to indigenous development from Prithvi to Agni-V was not smooth, as India had to overcome technology-denial regimes.

After the successful launch of Prithvi-1 in February 1988 and Agni in May 1989, the United States and other developed countries imposed technology embargoes on India under the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), adversely affecting the availability of electronic devices such as computer processor chips, radio frequency devices, electro-hydraulic components, maraging steel and composite materials such as carbon fibre.

Undeterred, the DRDO embarked on a massive programme to overcome denial of scores of items. Adopting a consortium approach by roping in many of its laboratories, private industries and universities, the DRDO developed critical components such as phase shifters for phased array radars for the Akash missile; magnesium alloys for Prithvi; and servo-valves, resins and carbon fibres for re-entry systems of Agni.

From the first generation anti-tank missiles in the 1960s to Prithvi, Agni, Akash, Trishul and Nag, the DRDO has designed and developed a variety of missiles that could be launched from different platforms, including a canister. The missiles that have been inducted into the armed forces include Prithvi-1, Prithvi-II, anti-ship Dhanush, surface-to-air Akash and surface-to-surface Agni-1 (700 km), Agni-II (2,500 km) and Agni-III (3,500 km).With Supersonic cruise missile Brahmos already inducted into the Army and the Navy, The Akash in the service of the IAF, The Nuclear-Powered submarine Arihant boasting of K-15 underwater-launched missile we have a complete range of missiles to take care of various threats from different quarters.

Among the strategic systems, the Agni missiles form the bulwark of India's nuclear deterrence strategy, which is based on the no-first-use of nuclear weapons policy.Agni V is set to provide a much needed start of deterrence against Chinese aggression. China's rise has been coupled with an imperialist mindset that has brought it into conflict with neighbouring countries. China has now started allying with some of the most repressive regimes in the world for purposes of stealing valuable national resources from the people of those nations. Who can forget the war inflicted upon a friendly India in 1962? It is even harder to understand China's claims over Arunachal Pradesh today in any historical or modern context. It can also be not forgot how China threatened to attack India in 1965, a war that was thrust upon India by Pakistan.

India also realised the need for a ballistic missile defence system in the late 1990s after Pakistan tested the Ghauri missile with a range of more than 900 km with a capability to carry a nuclear warhead weighing one tonne.To protect vital assets in the shortest possible time, A two-layered air defence system was conceived. The very first Interceptor missile test was an unalloyed success: An incoming ballistic missile, mimicking the trajectory of an enemy missile,was intercepted and destroyed in exo-atmosphere at an altitude of 48 km in November 2006. the second Interceptor test in endo-atmosphere at an altitude of 15km in december 2007 was also a grand success,validating INDIA'S BMD capability.

At the outset,Kudos to our DRDO Officials and may god bless them in their future endeavours. The indigenous development of Agni V shows India's profess in developing ICBMs which are second to none in a group of five nations.This will reduce our reliance on foreign defence equipment which is wasting tax payers money,reduce corruption in defence deals. Also, this would enable us to develop &foster technical knowledge internally, create a good manufacturing base in the country for our defence and thereby create lot of jobs in our Country. Our self reliance would also earn us the respect of our neighbours and the Western countries as well.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


India, the country of mysterious paradoxes; the land where civilizations and times intermix, a mysterious place which attracts people from all over the world.Presenting a little showcase of this astonishing contrast between wealth and misery, contemporary technologies and ancient historical monuments, plenty of languages, cultures and traditions.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Poverty and Education - India

We got our Independence from the British in 1947. We are in the 65th year of Independence. From then we have managed to gallop with a pace; I would call a "Lame Horse Pace". While the Indian industry has moved at some pace, this could have been much faster. We should have, by now had 100% literacy, but we still lag behind. We only have 59% who can read and write.

The political system of our country has deteriorated, with cheap vote bank dependent ideologies sprayed all around. Most of the politicians look for opportunities to pull the rug from those in authority. While the ideology of the leaders during the early period was to abolish caste and maintain a harmony between different religions, the vote bank politics has created a divide between sections of the society. After sixty five years of independence we should have forgotten what a low caste is; however the identification of individuals by caste is only increasing. And communal divide is getting stronger. In every application that we fill in, we still have that caste and religion titles to be filled up. This is worsening day by day and a time seems very near, of another division of this great country unless something positive is done in this direction. While we should have taken incomes as criteria for giving concessions, we have been encouraging this divide of caste and religion. Unfortunately every government has been shortsighted. The extent of corruption is visible every where right from the politicians to the babus. But yes there are regions where development is seen…Do we attribute it to the Governments? Or the credit worthy are the industry leaders and the common man who works for the industry.

41% uneducated…25% Indians live below the poverty line. And there are these politicians who live and travel in luxury, gift cars and gizmos to rich, spend millions in marriages of their kins, and have the best of security. That is what India is. It’s a shame we carry.

How do we educate the uneducated? How do we eradicate this poverty? How do we change this India?

Sunday, April 15, 2012


देश में हड़तालें हैं,
चक्का जाम हैं,
सड़कें बंद हैं,
रेल बंद है,
बसें फूँकी जाती हैं..
टायर जलायें जाते हैं
पुतले फूँके जाते हैं
सबसे बड़ा लोकतंत्र है...
ये देश स्वतंत्र है..

स्कूल में गोली चलती है
बच्चे आत्महत्या करते हैं
एम.एम.एस बनते हैं,
ये देश के भविष्य हैं(?)
स्कूल कालेज की
दुकान लगती है,
सरेआम विद्या बिकती है
सबसे बड़ा लोकतंत्र है...
ये देश स्वतंत्र है...

कानून तोड़े जाते हैं
दुकानें जलाई जाती हैं
दंगे-फसाद आम हैं
आतंकवाद है,
हर राज्य में वाद-विवाद है
६१ सालों का आरक्षण खास है
सब निकालते भडास हैं
सबसे बड़ा लोकतंत्र है...
ये देश स्वतंत्र है...

इज्जत पर परमाणु करार है
नोटों पर बनती सरकार है
आतंकवादियों पर रूख नरम है
देश तोड़ना भाषा का करम है
राज ठाकरे का ’राज’ है
ये नेताओं के हाल हैं
ये कैसा तंत्र है (?)
’नोट’ या ’वोट’ तंत्र है
सबसे बड़ा लोकतंत्र है...
ये देश स्वतंत्र है...

३० प्रतिशत अशिक्षित हैं
खाना खिलाने वाला किसान
मजबूर है
बिना छत के मजदूर हैं
पीने को पानी नहीं
नदियों के पानी पर लडाई है
एकता की होती बड़ाई है
६१ सालों में बुराइयाँ
जस की तस हैं
ढीठ देश आज भी
बेबस है,
कमजोर है
जाने देश किस ओर है
सबसे बड़ा लोकतंत्र है!!!
ये देश स्वतंत्र है???